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Our story

At Sherwood T Group, we have been dedicated to providing quality transportation services for passengers with disabilities since our inception. Founded with a passion for making a positive impact on the lives of individuals facing unique challenges, we have grown into a reputable company trusted by families, care homes, and local councils.

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

We proudly serve passengers with a wide range of disabilities, ensuring safe and comfortable journeys for wheelchair users, passengers with ADHD, epilepsy, and more. Our goal is to foster inclusivity and create an environment where everyone can access the transportation they need.

Specialised Equipment and Vehicles

At Sherwood T Group, we have been dedicated to providing quality transportation services for passengers with disabilities since our inception. Founded with a passion for making a positive impact on the lives of individuals facing unique challenges, we have grown into a reputable company trusted by families, care homes, and local councils.

Meet The Team

Naveed Ahmed

Naveed Ahmed

Managing Director

Meet Naveed Ahmed, a distinguished leader in media and ad operations with 10+ years of experience. His diverse background spans Agencies, Publishers, Video, Mobile, and Programmatic landscapes, providing a unique industry perspective. Having worked with prominent organisations like News International, the Guardian, Google, Naveed's expertise stands unmatched.

As Sherwood T Group's Managing Director, Naveed's strategic acumen and proven track record have driven the company to new heights of profitability and exceptional service. Under his visionary guidance, Sherwood T Group has optimised, grown, and evolved, setting new benchmarks in the transport industry.

Naveed's commitment to efficiency and professionalism has cultivated an environment of exceptional service and customer loyalty, surpassing revenue goals and ensuring Sherwood T Group's position as a leading force in the transport sector. His dedication to making a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals with special needs continues to fuel his passion and commitment to the SEN Transport industry.


Nour Hamid

Nour Hamid 

Senior SEN Operations Manager

Nour Hamid is a highly experienced and dedicated SEN Transport Manager at Sherwood T Group. With a rich academic background in Biomedical Science and Neuropsychology, Nour's expertise has been instrumental in driving the success of our transport operations.

As a senior team member, Nour's adeptness in securing contracts, ensuring compliance, and nurturing strong relationships with clients and stakeholders has proven invaluable to our organisation. Her compassionate leadership and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional transport services for individuals with special needs define our journey of excellence at Sherwood T Group.

Beyond her professional achievements, Nour finds immense fulfilment in making a positive impact on the lives of those she serves. 

Nour's exceptional skills and compassionate approach align seamlessly with our vision, making her a driving force behind our mission of excellence in transport services.

Faheem Nasir

Faheem Nasir

Business Consultant

Introducing Faheem Nasir, an accomplished Business Consultant with an impressive track record of over 8 years in business development and marketing. Throughout his career, Faheem has successfully collaborated with prominent clients, including the UK Home Office, Ministry of Defence, Logically, Louno Space and more.

At Sherwood T Group, Faheem's unwavering belief in our noble cause fuels his passion to drive our business and brand forward, leaving a positive impact on the lives of individuals with special needs. His expertise in strategizing and marketing allows us to reach new heights in fulfilling our mission of providing exceptional transport services.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Faheem finds fulfillment in his personal life through his dedication to volunteer work and community engagement. He joined Sherwood T Group because of our shared commitment to making a difference in the lives of those we serve, and his determination to contribute to a brighter future for individuals with special needs is an invaluable asset to our team.

Rachel Farrow

Rachel Farrow

Transport Fleet Specialist

Rachel Farrow, a highly dedicated Transport Specialist, boasts four years of valuable industry experience, having excelled in significant roles at esteemed companies like Sainsbury's, Iceland, Brunswick, and Victory Dental Lab.

At the core of Rachel's expertise lies strategic fleet management, where her insights have optimized logistics and facilitated efficient operations, making a substantial contribution to her previous organizations. Her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences has earned her recognition and praise within the industry.

Beyond her professional achievements, Rachel cherishes quality family time and actively contributes to her community through volunteering, reflecting her caring and compassionate nature. Her passion for making a positive impact extends beyond her work, making her a true asset to any team and a beacon of dedication and care in both her personal and professional life. Driven by her desire to create meaningful change, Rachel joined Sherwood T Group, where she continues to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals with special needs through her outstanding work in the transport industry.

Mohammad Luqman

M. Luqman

Integrated Solutions Expert

Muhammad Luqman, the dynamic Integrated Solutions Specialist, brings a wealth of expertise to Sherwood T Group. With a Master's in Data Science and a Bachelor's in Computer Science, he excels in web development using .NET and Angular Frameworks, delivering top-notch projects like CRM, ECM, and fintech apps.

At Sherwood T Group, Muhammad's ingenuity is put to work as he digitalises transport operations and harnesses machine learning and artificial intelligence to extract valuable insights from route data. His strategic contributions have optimised and elevated the company's daily operations, propelling Sherwood T Group to new heights.

Beyond his coding prowess, Muhammad finds joy in outdoor sports and avidly keeps up with the latest tech trends through extensive reading. His passion for technology and dedication to making a meaningful impact motivated him to join Sherwood T Group, where he actively contributes to revolutionising the transport industry and creating positive change for individuals with special needs.

Bareera Final

Bareera Javaid

Office Manager

Meet Bareera Javaid, our highly skilled Office Manager with 11 years of experience as a childminding assistant, nanny, and qualified teaching assistant, Bareera's background in psychology, sociology, and child development adds depth to her expertise. Her wealth of knowledge ensures that Sherwood T Group benefits from seamless operations and exceptional support.

Bareera plays a pivotal role in maintaining the highest standards, providing exceptional assistance to our team and clients alike. Her caring nature and diverse skill set make her an invaluable asset, fostering a warm and efficient environment at Sherwood T Group.

Beyond her professional commitments, Bareera's passion for fitness and wellness shines through her role as a fitness instructor, helping others improve their health. In her leisure time, she cherishes moments spent with family and friends, emphasizing the importance of balance and connection.

Motivated by Sherwood T Group's noble cause of positively impacting individuals with special needs, Bareera embraced the opportunity to be part of a team that creates meaningful change. Her unwavering dedication and caring demeanour make her an exceptional fit for the organisation's mission and values.

Join our Team

"I have been with Sherwood T Group for several years, and it has been an incredible journey of growth and fulfilment."

Rachel Final
Rachel Farrow, Transport Fleet Specialist

"I am grateful to be part of a team that is making a real difference in the world, and I look forward to many more years of growth and success with Sherwood T Group."

Muhammad Luqman
Muhammed Luqman, Integrated Solutions Specialist

"I have had the opportunity to apply my skills and expertise in a meaningful way. The team's dedication to excellence and the supportive work environment have allowed me to contribute to the company's success."


Bareera Final
Bareera Javaid, Office Manager
What qualifications do I need to become a driver?

You need to have a PCO License to be a driver for the Special Educational Needs Transport industry. 

How do I register with Sherwood T Group as a driver?

Fill out the form above to have someone contact you or you can get in touch with us today on (+44) 208 540 9495. 

What are you looking for in a driver?
We want our drivers to have compassion for our passengers, be responsible when transporting them and deliver excellence to our various clients. We genuinely care about the well-being of our passengers and we expect the same from our drivers. Our values define our identity and guarantee an excellent experience with us.

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